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To be the most trustworthy company for our employees and the most dependable partners for our clients.


Enabling textile companies achieve superior performance.



Integrity is our foundation, ensuring ethical conduct and transparency in all interactions. We build trust and dependability with clients, suppliers, and partners through honesty, fairness, and respect.

Customer First

Clients are our top priority, and we deliver personalized solutions that exceed expectations. We act as trusted partners and advisors, putting clients' interests first and helping them achieve their objectives.

We create tangible benefits for clients by leveraging industry expertise and innovative problem-solving. Our focus is on driving positive outcomes, measurable results, and contributing to our clients' growth and prosperity.

Customer Benefit

We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, maintaining trust and striving for excellence. Embracing accountability ensures continuous improvement, adaptability, and better results for our clients.


Place for Smart, Intelligent, and Independent Textile Professionals

Our hub attracts talented professionals with diverse backgrounds, united by passion and dedication. We foster intellectual curiosity, creative problem-solving, and independent thinking to drive the textile industry forward.

About Us

From Strategy to Execution: We Deliver What We Promise

At Texcoms Textile Solutions (TTS), we understand that developing a successful strategy is only half the battle. That's why we set ourselves apart from other consulting firms by not only designing customized strategies but also taking a hands-on approach to their implementation. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients every step of the way, ensuring that the devised plans are executed effectively and deliver the desired results.


Our commitment to hands-on implementation demonstrates our dedication to our clients' success and allows us to maintain a deep understanding of the challenges they face. By being actively involved in the execution of the strategies we design, TTS can quickly adapt and make adjustments as needed, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients. Trust Texcoms Textile Solutions to be your partner in not just planning, but also bringing your vision to life.


Why Choose Us?

Decades of Experience

As is mostly the case many management consulting companies function on the back of fresh graduates from academic institutes or people with a few years of industry experience.

TTS was formed with entirely different perspective of the consulting terrain. We believe that one cannot be considered qualified enough in the consulting job until having had considerable industry experience. In our case it happens to be more than three decades of experience each senior member brings on board.

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