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The client w anted to understand its operational efficiency levels vis-à-vis Global Industry Standards, scope for improvement and methodology to sustain the development.

What was done: 

• A com prehensive study of the factory production and process areas.
• Benchmarking with Industry standards and broad road-m ap to bridge the gap.
• Further Efficiency improvement and Productivity improvement scope was demonstrated.​

Key Deliverables:

Benchmarking of Spinning section with the Industry standards. Scoping for improvement potential
and enhanced earnings.


The client wanted to understand its operational efficiency levels vis- à-vis Global Industry Standards and strategic recommendation on

• Consolidation
• Modernization
• Enhancement
• Expansion

W hat w as done:

• Site Audits for 11 Ginneries of the group in the country
• Critical Appraisal of the existing operations
• Detailed report on all the four objectives

Key Deliverables:

Benchmarking of Ginning with the Industry standards, Strategic recommendations on the identified
Gaps and desired areas.

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